PowerJet congratulates NPO Saturn for centennial

Oct, 26 2016

On October 20, NPO Saturn celebrated its 100th anniversary in a ceremony attended by representatives of Safran Aircraft Engines, its partner in PowerJet. 

The two engine-makers, Safran Aircraft Engines of France, and NPO Saturn of Russia, kicked off their industrial partnership in 1996, with the latter making parts for the CFM56. But this industrial alliance really came into its own in 2004 with the creation of PowerJet, a 50/50 joint company between the two partners, in charge of developing and producing the SaM146, an integrated propulsion system for the new SSJ100 regional jet. 

NPO Saturn’s 100th anniversary celebration took place in Rybinsk, one of the hubs of the Russian aviation industry. This plant makes the low-pressure section for the SaM146, comprising the fan and the low-pressure compressor and turbine.
The SaM146 was certified in 2010 and entered revenue service in 2011. Today, more than 200 have already been produced and it powers over 80 SSJ100s, logging an exceptional dispatch reliability rate of 99.9%.

This celebration is a timely opportunity to point out that PowerJet is a very successful collaboration between engine-makers from Russia and the West,” said Marc Sorel, CEO of PowerJet. “What was only a dream fifteen years ago is now a reality, and we’re very proud of all that we have accomplished. We are very confident in the soundness of this long-term partnership.”