PowerJet organizes SaM146 operator meeting in Moscow

Dec, 02 2015
On November 26 and 27, PowerJet organized the first All Ops Conference for the SaM146 propulsion system in Moscow. This new annual event quickly established itself as a "can't miss" meeting for our customers.

PowerJet's support teams worked with partners SCAC (Sukhoi Civil Aircraft) and SuperJet International to bring together all customers operating the SaM146-powered Superjet 100 regional jet. This annual conference reflects the company's focus on continuous improvement, based on feedback and two-way communications with our customers.

The first conference was attended by about 35 persons, including maintenance engineers from airlines.  "The aim of this conference is to better understand the operational issues facing our customers, and to provide a venue allowing them to discuss these issues," said Marc Sorel, President and CEO of PowerJet. "Feedback on the two-day event was very positive, as were reports of the engine's performance in service!"

More than four years after starting revenue service, the SaM146 has logged a very impressive dispatch reliability score of 99.92%, especially given its intensive operating conditions.