Gazpromavia takes delivery of first SSJ100 LR regional jet, powered by SaM146 1S18 engines

Jan, 09 2013
Moscow (Russia), September 2nd, 2013 – During a ceremony on August 29th at the MAKS airshow in Russia, the airline Gazpromavia took delivery of the first Superjet 100 (SSJ100) LR, the Long Range version of this regional jet, powered by SaM146 1S18 engines. The aircraft delivered today is one of the ten SSJ100 LRs ordered by Gazpromavia at the previous MAKS airshow in 2011. Gazpromavia is the launch customer for the SSJ100 LR powered by the 1S18 version of the SaM146 turbofan engine.
One of the main advantages of the SaM146 1S18 is that it increases thrust by 5% over the previous 1S17 version, to 16,100 lb, enabling the SSJ100 LR to increase its maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), and thus extending its range to 4,578 kilometers with a full load. The 1S18 uses the same hardware as the 1S17, which means that no changes are required to the aircraft. It carries on the tradition of the 1S17, which has demonstrated outstanding reliability during its first two years of revenue service, logging a dispatch reliability rate of 99.9%.
Gazpromavia is a Russian airline, and part of the Gazprom group, the world's leading natural gas producer. Given this context, the choice of the SaM146 1S18-powered SSJ100 will enable Gazpromavia to carry the group's employees to all of its gas production sites. Not only will the aircraft's extended range place it within reach of distant sites, but the engine's outstanding reliability also allows it to fly to isolated areas with extreme weather conditions, especially Siberia.
"We are very proud of our contribution, through the PowerJet SaM146 1S18, to Gazpromavia's goal of offering enhanced employee transport," said Claude Poulain, Chairman and CEO of PowerJet.
PowerJet, created in July 2004, is a 50/50 joint company of Snecma (Safran), France and NPO Saturn, Russia. It manages the SaM146 program, including development, production, marketing, sales, support and MRO services. The SaM146 engine was selected by Sukhoi in April 2003 to power the new Superjet 100 regional jet.
Gazpromavia is the air transport arm of the Russian group Gazprom. It has been actively increasing the volume of business transportation services and is now one of the leaders in the Russian business aviation market, with the biggest business-class air fleet in Russia and world-class in-flight services. Gazpromavia offers a comprehensive package of aviation services, combining high security and top-quality service.
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