Sam 146

the natural choice

The SaM146 has quickly set the engine standard in the growing regional aviation market. Developing 15,400 to 17,800 lb of thrust, the SaM146 is designed to meet the specific demands of regional jets in the 100 seat class.
Two versions are now available: the 1S17, which powers the Basic version of the Sukhoi Superjet 100, and the 1S18, for the Long Range and Business Jet versions.

Engine specifications

Same Engine Hardware for 2 power settings.

  1S17 1S18
Aircraft SSJ 100 - 95B SSJ 100 - 95LR SBJ
Thrust (lbf)1 17.300 17.800
Takeoff thrust (lbf)2 15.400 16.100
Fan diameter 48.2’’ 48.2’’
By pass ratio 4.4 4.4
Overall pressure ratio 28 28
Cruise SFC 0.629 0.629

1. Automatic Power Reserve, Takeoff Thrust, Uninstalled, Sea Level, ISA + 15°c.2. Normal Takeoff, Installed, Sea Level, ISA + 15°c.

from concept to market

Right from its entry into service, the SaM146 has met customer's expectations,
offering excellent operating performance in tough international markets.

  • 07.04

    Program launch

  • 07.06

    First engine ground test

  • 06.07

    Open-air test

  • 12.07

    First flight test on Ilyushin 76

  • 05.08

    First flight test on SSJ100

  • 06.10

    EASA Certification

  • 08.10

    IAC AR Certification

  • 06.11

    Aeroflot service entry




reduced weight thanks to fewer parts and extensive use of composites in the nacelle

-15 epndb

compliant with ICAO stage IV

optimized architecture

The SaM146 is designed for optimum performance in all critical parameters.